Tuesday March 7, 2017

07.03.2017 17:30


Road Town, Tortola, 7 March 2017. FLEX LNG Ltd. (Oslo Axess: FLNG) is pleased to announce that the Company’s Shareholder Meeting was held today. All resolutions set out in the notice published and posted to the shareholders were passed as proposed. The Company will shortly issue the additional 150,434,782 shares. Following the issuance, the total shares issued will be 278,418,038.

The new shares will not be listed or tradable on Oslo Axess until a listing prospectus for such shares has been approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority, and will be issued under a separate ISIN until such time.

In order to facilitate tradeable shares to subscribers in the Private Placement, delivery of the new shares allocated in the Private Placement will be made by delivery of existing shares in the Company pursuant to a share lending arrangement. The 72,434,782 Private Placement shares will accordingly be tradable from 8 March 2017, with payment and delivery from 9 March 2017.