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Below you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions

  • Where are Flex LNG shares traded?
    Flex LNG shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “FLNG”.
  • Does Flex LNG have a dividend policy?
    Flex LNG does not have a fixed dividend policy, but aim to distribute surplus cash to shareholders over the cycle. Details of the policy and historic distributions can be found under Dividend.
  • Who are the financial analysts that cover Flex LNG?
    A list of analysts covering Flex LNG can be found on the Analysts overview page
  • Does Flex LNG publish an ESG-report?
    Flex LNG publishes an annual ESG-report, which can be found in the ESG
  • Does Flex LNG have a Ship Recycling Policy?
    Flex LNG has a Ship Recycling Policy, which can be found in the Governance Section
  • Where can I find financial reports from Flex LNG?
    All financial reports from Flex LNG may be found in the Quarterly reports and the Annual reports
  • Where can I find the SEC filings of Flex LNG?
    Flex LNG’s SEC filings can be found here
  • Does Flex LNG provide a form 1099 or a K-1 to US investors?
    Flex LNG is organised as a C-Corporation, thus a K-1 is not applicable. Please contact your broker who will furnish you with the applicable tax form, which for most US investors will be a Form 1099.
  • Who are the members of the Board of Directors of Flex LNG?
    To read a short biography on each of our board members please visit our Board of Directors
  • Where can I find information on the management of Flex LNG?
    Information on our senior management can be found on the Management
  • What type of company is Flex LNG?
    FLEX LNG Ltd. is a Bermudian limited liability company.
  • How many classes of shares are there in Flex LNG?
    There is only one share class: ordinary shares. Each of which have a nominal value of USD 0.1 and is fully paid in. In connection with the 1-for-10 reverse stock split on March 7, 2019, the par value increased from USD 0.01 per share to USD 0.1 per share.
  • Does Flex LNG offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?
    Yes. Flex LNG offers a Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan for individual investors who wish to reinvest cash dividends in additional shares and/or to purchase the Company’s common stock. This plan is available to new and current stockholders of record in the U.S. For further information, please visit our Dividend Reinvestment Plan page.
  • What is the CUSIP and ISIN number of the Flex LNG shares?
    CUSIP: G35947202
    ISIN: BMG359472021
  • How is the tax treatment of dividends received from Flex LNG shares?
    You are directed to consult your own tax advisor regarding the particular federal, foreign, state and local tax consequences of buying, holding, receiving divided on and selling financial instruments issued by Flex LNG. General information regarding this is provided in our annual report on form 20-F which can be found under Annual reports.
  • Trading or settlement of your ordinary shares:
    If you have any questions relating to the trading or settlement of your ordinary shares of Flex LNG Ltd. please contact your bank, broker, nominee or other financial intermediary. If you have additional questions, you may also contact Computershare Trust Company, NA, Flex LNG’s U.S. transfer agent, by email: or by telephone: 800-736-3001 (toll free) / 1-781-575-3100 (toll), or DNB Bank ASA, Flex LNG’s VPS Registrar, by email: or by telephone: +4723268016.

If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us by filling out the form on the Investor Contact page

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