Introduction to Flex LNG Fleet Management

Flex LNG Fleet Management (FFM) is Flex LNG’s in-house LNG ship management company, established in 2019 and located in Oslo, Norway.


In January 2019, the formal process of establishing Flex LNG’s first in-house Shipmanagement company began. Key personnel and senior management were hired, building the LNG management experience. Through a documented management of change process, the successful Document of Compliance audit was completed by DNV GL 17th October 2019 on behalf of Malta and Marshall Island.

The first vessel “Flex Enterprise”, was moved in-house in November 2019. By the start of 2021, through a combination of insourcing current vessels on water and taking delivery of new-build vessels, FFM will have 13 vessels under management.

Flex LNG Fleet Management is focused on offering safe, reliable, and cost effective solutions for the LNG shipping industry. Through our well-defined mission, vision and values we will create a strong and clearly recognizable organizational culture.

The Right People Ashore:

  • Boasting over 200 years of LNG operational experience, Flex LNG Fleet Management (FFM) has the skills, knowledge and background to deliver innovative solutions and continuous improvement in all aspects of operations​.
  • Dedicated ship staff pooled by owner and vessel to maximise performance
  • Emphasis on safety, operational excellence and continuous performance improvement
  • Flex LNG Fleet Management maintains an average Tanker management and self-assessment (TMSA) rating of 3 and above, ensuring safe operation and optimum vessel performance. FFM’S clear goal is to provide an incident-free workplace.
  • Extensive in-house expertise means that FFM will deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions.

The Right People at Sea:

  • High calibre personnel are sourced and trained in coordination with our crewing service provider Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement.
  • Current retention rate for Flex LNG vessels is over 95% for the last 18 months.
  • Human Factor: We know our crew is the differentiator; driving optimal performance, building a strong safety culture and propelling FFM’s vision forward.
  • Competence: Developing our seafarers with regard to overall competence is key. As we grow to a fleet of 16 vessels by 2021, our crewing strategy has been carefully managed to attract the right personnel.

The Right Tools:

  • FFM have selected a digital platform delivered by MariApps, known as “PAL”. This single platform provides FFM with a one-stop platform for the management of: Crewing, Maintenance, Voyage, Purchasing, Certification, Cost Control, Dry Dock, Safety Management System, Work and Rest House, Payroll and Business Intelligence to analyse all areas of data.
  • PAL is a cloud based ERP solution, available across multiple devices. Mobile apps make easy for both shore and sea staff to monitor the information they need at any time.

The Right Culture:

Our Vision: Get in Front

Our Mission: We position ourselves as the most ambitious and reliable LNG ship manager through: ​

  • Delivering innovative and cost efficient solutions to serve our partners ​
  • Continuously strengthening the competence and safety behaviours of our employees ​
  • A desire to make a real difference

Our Values:

 Future-Driven: We deploy a simplicity mindset in all aspects of our operations. We take use of new technology to drive more accurate and data driven decisions.

Leadership: We are committed to the highest standard of safety with no compromise. Speaking up and challenging each other enables us to address potential risks to safety & reliability.

Empowering: We encourage and empower our employees to take decisions and grow in their responsibility. We believe in an agile and efficient organization.

eXeptional: We view our customers as our partners. We want to make a difference in our industry through our expertise. We communicate clearly and transparent to achieve the most reliable and cost efficient solutions.

Key Personnel :

  • Head of Fleet:                               Torkel Ugland
  • Head of HSEQ and Vetting:         Terje Scott-Winge
  • Fleet Manager:                             Andreas Flotiin
  • Head of Crewing:                         Espen Sending