Tuesday December 13, 2011

13.12.2011 08:00

Road Town, Tortola, 12 December 2011. FLEX LNG (Oslo Axess: FLNG) is pleased to announce that in accordance with the resolution by the shareholders at the annual shareholders meeting (ASM) of FLEX LNG Ltd (“Flex LNG” or the “Company”) held on 25 August 2011, the Board of Directors of FLEX LNG has resolved to issue 151,111 new shares to the members of the Board of Directors up to the 2011 ASM, as part of their remuneration for that period. In addition 150,000 shares are to be issued to Mr. Keith Meyer for work performed under a consultancy agreement with the Company, also approved at the ASM held on 25 August 2011. The shares will be issued and registered as soon as possible. Once issued the total shares outstanding will be 124,778,313.