Tuesday May 27, 2014

27.05.2014 17:00


Hansa LNG Ltd, a primary insider of FLEX LNG Ltd, was set up by the Founders of FLEX LNG Ltd (Mr. Fjeld, Ueland and Tveitnes). Hansa LNG Ltd held 1,138,000 shares in FLEX LNG Ltd and a number of options and warrants (see latest report and accounts for details). Following his resignation from FLEX LNG Ltd, Mr. Fjeld has agreed with Hansa LNG Ltd that his interest in the FLEX LNG Ltd shares will be held directly rather than through Hansa LNG Ltd.  On 27 May 2014 455,200 FLEX LNG Ltd shares were transferred from Hansa LNG Ltd to Mr. Fjeld. After the transfer Hansa LNG Ltd holds 682,800 shares, being 0.540% of the issued share capital and voting rights of the company.