Friday July 4, 2014

04.07.2014 12:00

Following the earlier Board approval the Company has  today issued 97,500 shares to cover the staff option  exercise.

James Clarke

This is to inform that Mr. James Clarke, a primary insider of FLEX LNG Ltd, has today been allotted 62,500 ordinary shares following the exercise of options from the 2013 allocation. The exercise price for the shares was USD 0.01. After the issue of these shares, Mr. James Clarke will have a holding of 62,500 shares in the Company, representing 0.05% of the total shares outstanding.  He also holds 167,500 options with exercise prices and hurdles between NOK 6.5 and NOK 27.0, additional details on the option schemes can be found in the 2013 Financial Statements, which can be obtained from