FLEX LNG is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of people involved in our operations. We do this by designing, maintaining and operating our facilities to protect people from harm, by implementing robust management systems, and by identifying and providing health and safety training.

We are committed to embedding health and safety in all aspects of our business, and we demand that our employees, contractors and anyone connected with our business to have health and safety at the forefront in everything they do (Safety Always), and to take action where they identify unsafe conditions.

We are committed to identify the major and minor hazards in our workplace and on our facilities, and to take actions to reduce the impact of these wherever possible.
We are committed to meet all health and safety legislation requirements, our customers’ expectations, to openly report our safety performance, and to continuously improve our health and safety management systems.

We believe that a target of zero harm to people is achievable and we will always strive to meet that objective.