Friday February 17, 2017

17.02.2017 08:18

“Reference is made to the stock exchange notice dated 17 February 2017 regarding the USD 100 million private placement in Flex LNG Ltd. (“Flex LNG”). The private placement is conditional upon, inter alia, the 
extraordinary general meeting of Flex LNG approving the private placement on or about 7 March 2017. Following completion of the private placement, the total number of outstanding shares of Flex LNG will be 278,380,439. Polygon (PE) Holdings Limited currently owns 13,526,588 shares in Flex LNG.  

Polygon (PE) Holdings Limited is owned 66.545% by Polygon European Equity Opportunity Master Fund and 33.455% by Blackwell Partners LLC. 

Following, and subject to, completion of the private placement and issuance of the new shares, entities controlled by Polygon Global Partners LLP will continue to hold a total of 13,526,588 shares in Flex LNG corresponding to 4.859% of the shares and votes.”